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SageNet Announces Five-Year Contract Extension to Provide Managed SCADA Services to Phillips 66

June 29, 2018

TULSA, Okla. SageNet, a Tulsa-based managed network services and cybersecurity solutions provider, has announced a five-year contract extension to provide managed SCADA services to 700+ Phillips 66 facilities across the country.

Phillips 66 is a diversified U.S. energy manufacturing and logistics company headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company processes, transports, stores and markets fuels and products globally.  


SageNet will continue to provide satellite services for the Phillips 66 SCADA network, which is used to monitor the energy company’s pipeline and plant assets, including refineries, control valves and general pipeline assets. SageNet also coordinates installation and maintenance of the VSAT sites.


This represents the third contract renewal for SageNet, which has provided SCADA services to Phillips 66 since 2008. In addition to supporting the pipeline SCADA operations, SageNet also supports Phillips 66’s marketing operations by providing managed technology services to hundreds of Phillips 66 branded sites.


According to SageNet CEO Daryl Woodard, SageNet’s VSAT technology has proven vital for Phillips 66’s ongoing monitoring of its assets and compliance efforts in the energy industry.


“High performance VSAT technology is ideally suited for uses like this where a customer needs to reach out to remote areas and transmit two-way data, regardless of proximity to traditional broadband circuits,” Woodard said. “SageNet is able to provide ultra-high availability for these highly critical communications. In many cases, pipeline operators can even use this information to remotely remediate issues that are discovered.”


SageNet is recognized as a leader in VSAT technology and mission-critical communications for major pipeline and energy companies. In addition to offering account teams with experience in both the energy and satellite sectors, SageNet’s cybersecurity group can also work with customers to secure those networks.


SageNet’s VSAT solution is powered by Gilat, a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services and a longstanding SageNet partner. Gilat’s leading VSAT technology comprises the satellite communication system for Philipps 66 enabling them to receive and transmit signals over the satellite network.

Woodard said SageNet is also unique in its ability to provide Phillips 66 redundant network monitoring and support from multiple Network Operations Centers in Chicago and Marietta.


“This becomes especially important when we see large weather events in certain parts of the country,” he explained. “When that happens, we can easily roll our monitoring to one of our other locations without any break in service.”   




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