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Dual-Access Platform Transforms the Cost-equation of Content Contribution & Distribution.

Today’s marketplace demands large amounts of content transfer from facility-to-facility, be it pre-recorded hi-def segments or live streaming video. Meanwhile, increased competition and vault-tight budgets pressure you do more with less. This breakthrough dual-access platform provides the solution.

Our Dual-Access is an innovative VSAT platform that combines the flexibility, control and efficiency of TDMA with the sheer speed of SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier)... in one integrated platform.

Unlike other SCPC/TDMA VSATs, our Dual-Access platform simultaneously supports both modes, with the ability to switch between the two in real-time. Based on Gilat’s SkyEdge II technology, the Dual-Access solution features an innovative Scheduler application that enables broadcasters to pre-schedule fully-automated high throughput SCPC links while optimizing bandwidth utilization and maintaining always-on connectivity to each station. 

Offering a unified network management approach, greater flexibility and increased performance, Our Dual-Access platform transforms the cost-equation of Content Contribution & Distribution.

SkyEdge II Accent – IDU

SkyEdge II Accent supports bi-directional high throughput for both MF-TDMA and SCPC (continuous) transmission modes – with fast switchover available. It is ideal for cellular backhauling, ISP PoP locations, video contribution, and other bandwidth intensive applications. Like the other SkyEdge II VSATs, it is managed via the SkyEdge II Network Management System (NMS).

Download the SkyEdge II Accent Data Sheet.

GLT 1000 – IDU 

The GLT-1000 is a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint satellite modem, flexibly supporting data rates from 64kbps to 80Mbps with selectable frame size, modulation and FEC. GLT-1000 delivers satellite communications for on-the-move, stationary, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint operations.

ASCM (Adaptive Spreading Code and Modulation) is also supported in MCPC mode and provides significant bandwidth savings for cases where graceful degradation combined with a strong QoS capability yield an acceptable solution.

Download the GLT-1000 Data Sheet.