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SkyEdge® is a leading two-way satellite communication solution used for a variety of applications and services. It combines reliable support for IP communication, as well as telephony and multimedia applications, utilizing advanced technologies for efficient usage of the satellite’s space-segment resources. SkyEdge is the optimized solution for each satellite networking need, easily built, maintained and then expanded as the networks’ requirements change. Offering more than mere connectivity, optional value-added services are enabled by add-ons and equipment from SageNetwhich are integrated with the SkyEdge system. SkyEdge is based on the concept of a single hub which can efficiently work with different types of VSATs to support different needs and applications.


The SkyEdge IP is a compact design, two-way VSAT enabling interactive Broadband IP and multicasting applications to one or all of your locations. With DVB standards and extensive IP capabilities, the platform is ideal for businesses of any size requiring extremely fast downstream and upstream throughput for multimedia applications, large file delivery and extremely rapid access to the Web. 

SkyEdge IP delivers advanced IP services supporting a wide range of applications including Internet, VoIP, digital signage, video conferencing, data access and VPNs. It is the perfect answer for IP services and customers of all types, including large enterprises, small & medium businesses, SOHO and residential users. SkyEdge IP provides speed, quality, and superior support for all web and bandwidth intensive applications while enabling prioritization and fairness.


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The SkyEdge Pro is the first truly multi-service VSAT, offering a thoroughly manageable and comprehensive service provisioning. The SkyEdge Pro includes IP router functionalities and embedded IP and HTTP acceleration software, VPN, mesh telephony and data, VoIP and plug-in card architecture. QoS support for all traffic, enabling prioritization and fairness based on DiffServ for data and bandwidth reservation for voice, guarantees appropriate service levels for all applications. The SkyEdge Pro presents a versatile VSAT that can empower virtually any market. Extension cards with RJ-11 FXS ports support voice communication while the latest Multimedia card includes MPEG-4 decoder for applications such as digital signage.


Download the Product Sheet.