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Auto-Deployable Products

SageNet's Spacenet Satellite Services™ offer a full range of transportable solutions with all the benefits of our mission-critical VSAT networking with the ability to go virtually anywhere and deploy in a matter of minutes. We offer its unique transportable service options for use in a wide range of application environments, delivering high-reliability services with just the push of a button.

Vehicle Mount

We can provide a transportable communications solution packed in two ways: a roof rack on a vehicle; or a flyaway box. The simple click of a button automatically points the satellite dish, acquires the satellite, and aligns the antenna within minutes. The automatic acquisition device eliminates the need for any special skills on site and greatly reduces set-up time. 

The main components of the transportable solution include: 

  • SkyEdge II VSAT: Any SkyEdge enabled VSAT can be integrated with the transportable solution including Armadillo units.
  • Antenna Controller: The controller is equipped with integrated GPS and level sensors and supports automatic satellite acquisition that is activated by a single button.
  • Roof Rack or a Portable Box
  • Fully Motorized Antenna: The antenna incorporates 3 motors for antenna alignment on all 3 axis (azimuth, elevation, and polarization), transmitter & receiver. 
  • Outdoor transmitter & receiver: The receiver used is a standard TVRO LNB and Ku band transmitter, with 1 or 2 Watts power.


Our solution is a portable VSAT for quick deployment and fast coverage, ideal for remote command posts, disaster relief, search and rescue and contingency planning.

  • Fast installation and operation
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Ruggedly packaged
  • Easily delivered by helicopter, other aircraft, or by truck