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BGAN Products 

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global service using portable terminals. BGAN is similar to a cellular service, however since BGAN is based on geostationary L-band satellites (instead of using terrestrial-based cell towers) it provides ubiquitous coverage and provides a variety of enterprise-class services. 

SageNet offers a full range of BGAN products and Spacenet-BGAN services providing simultaneous voice and broadband data connectivity across North America. Featuring Inmarsat’s BGAN services, our BGAN solutions provide simultaneous voice and broadband data at speeds up to 492kbps, providing simultaneous Internet access and telephone communication, on the move, from anywhere.

Hybrid Solutions

Best of all, our BGAN solutions can be integrated into hybrid solutions that leverage the most cost-effective connectivity available at each location, including; Cable, EoC, DSL, T1, 4G, or VSAT delivering the broadest, most reliable coverage and the lowest total cost of ownership. 

Full Lifecycle Services and Support

SageNet BGAN solutions also feature a comprehensive suite of full lifecycle solutions including network connectivity, security, implementation, support, on-site maintenance and repair. And every one of our BGAN solutions is backed by our state-of-the-art 24/7 Network Management and Operation Centers, with a nationwide service and support organization.

Our BGAN solutions include handheld devices, push-to-talk, M2M solutions, and vehicle-based mobile solutions, including