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In today’s network environment, multi-megabit connectivity is practically assumed, yet many U.S. businesses and government agencies have no true broadband option for their remote sites. What’s more, the level of managed services available at these sites is often too restrictive, too limited or too expensive to prove practical.

That’s why SageNet developed the Spacenet-Ka series of Spacenet Satellite services. Spacenet-Ka, powered by Exede® Internet service, provides speeds up to 12Mbps/3Mbps (depending on location). Spacenet-Ka offers users a tiered selection of our (Enterprise-Class) Connect Series of Managed Network Services to ensure optimal network performance. In addition, the service also provides the flexibility to support any third-party real-time applications such as VoIP, HD video and teleconferencing.

Spacenet-Ka is ideal for:

  • Retail Sites
  • Distribution Centers
  • Emergency Services Agencies
  • Energy Exploration and Production Sites
  • Business Continuity

The Connect Series for Spacenet-Ka allows you to choose the ideal level of service for your specific operations environment and budget. Customers select from three monthly data allowance options (10, 20 or 75 GB) in tandem with three distinct managed service levels: ClassicConnect, ManagedConnect, and CompleteConnect.