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Why Wi-Fi Analytics Is an Essential Tool in Retail and Hospitality

Author: Bill Morris, GM Aware Software/Tuesday, July 31, 2018/Categories: Professional Services for your Network

Most conversations involving Wi-Fi focus on performance, coverage and the ability to support high user and device densities. But your Wi-Fi network is also a valuable source of information. Data about network devices and the users who connect to them is constantly collected and can be analyzed to produce valuable insights, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Wi-Fi analytics tracks and analyzes wireless devices, access points, user location, connection frequency, Wi-Fi signal strength and other information to enable better decisions related to a particular space.

There are various forms of Wi-Fi analytics. Presence analyticsuses Wi-fi access point probes to detect devices near a Wi-Fi hotspot, even if those devices don’t connect to a network. This enables organizations to estimate foot traffic based on unique device identifiers and Wi-Fi signals. Social Wi-Fiasks visitors to sign in to a free Wi-Fi network using their social media credentials. This data can be combined with Wi-Fi analytics to understand usage patterns and demographics. Location analyticscan detect customer movement within a physical space, which allows organizations to analyze traffic patterns.

Wi-Fi analytics has become an essential business tool for retailers who are under pressure to attract and retain customers by enhancing the in-store shopping experience.With Wi-Fi analytics, brick-and-mortar retailers are no longer limited to transactional point-of-sale data and traffic counters at entry points. Retailers can analyze real-time data, gain similar insights into shopping behavior as online stores, and improve employee productivity.

Wi-Fi access points and sensors detect signals sent by customer smartphones. Using advanced algorithms to analyze signal strength and other metrics, retailers can determine what parts of the store a customer visited, how much time they spent there, and other behavioral patterns. They can also measure conversions. These insights are then used to test store layouts, merchandising and promotions. 

If the user opts in to receiving email or text messages, this opens the door to personalized marketing and product recommendations based on past behavior and purchases. Additional integrations can be made with retailer mobile applications that can leverage the in-store Wi-Fi connection, integrated Bluetooth beaconing, and user data to create more actionable engagements when users are near and in the store.

In the hospitality sector, Wi-Fi analytics provides a wealth of insights into guest behavior and preferences, enabling hotel operators to deliver personalized experiences that drive loyalty and profitability.Hotels can use information gathered when reservations are made to share information via text and email about entertainment, dining and other hotel amenities. When guests first log in, they can be directed to a page that encourages them to sign up for a loyalty program. Wi-Fi analytics can analyze this and other data from across the network that used be stored in silos through a single dashboard. These insights are then used to engage with guests and share special offers during their stay and long after checkout.

SageNet Managed Wi-Fi Solutions provide organizations in retail and hospitality with the ability to increase loyalty, encourage customer engagement, and enhance the customer experience.Our solutions integrate with your loyalty database and payment processor to simplify management and create new marketing opportunities. Additionally, we use network analytics to monitor your wireless environment and prevent issues that disrupt the customer experience.

Let us show you how we can assess your existing network, design and install the appropriate Wi-Fi infrastructure, and provide visibility into network health and usage through SageNet Managed Wi-Fi Solutions.


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